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Born in the little city of Ranchi in India, I was the stereotypical small town girl with stars in her eyes. I grew up harboring a dormant liking for news, advertisements, television shows and was intrigued by the work and innovation that goes into their creation. This led to a post-graduate diploma from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore, where I learned the nuances of television journalism and the media industry. One year of rigorous training in news reporting, discovering stories and documentary filmmaking channeled and enhanced my latent aptitude in the media landscape. Equipped with my prowess in vision, creativity inculcated through academia, and dreams in my eyes, I landed in the heart of Bollywood, Mumbai. Here I forayed into the exciting world of television. I gained seven years of experience in the broadcast industry, working as a creative producer/director for on-air-promotions with prestigious television networks in India. Taking my dreams forward I went on to pursue MAH in film studies from State University of New York- University at Buffalo. From experimental film to video and sound art, I developed my own voice as a media researcher and maker. 

For the past 5 years, I have been working as an independent video producer, a one-woman army, handling every aspect of video production - from conceptualizing to execution. 

I recently launched my own Facebook page - This is my story, what's yours? 

This page focuses on the story of people from around the globe, in less than 3 minutes. I am super excited to grow this into something bigger than I can imagine. 

Media can transform the mundane into the sublime and I can think of no task more difficult or rewarding to dedicate my life to.

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