A visual storyteller with 8 years of experience in producing, editing and developing content for multiple media platforms- including marketing & promotional video campaigns, corporate videos, event videos, profile videos for companies & employees, videos for non-profit organizations, interviews, highlight videos, etc. Shikha has been a producer and editor for on-air-promotions and marketing for television networks in India for 7 years. As a Producer, she supervised video projects in collaboration with a team of production specialists, editors, graphic artists, brand and marketing managers.  For the past 5 years, she has been working as an independent  producer and editor- handling all aspects of video production, from conceptualizing to editing. She also helps in brand strategy and social media management. 
She recently launched her passion project - " This is my story, what's yours?" a video blog on Facebook and Instagram, where she tells people's stories of struggles and triumphs, in an attempt to create a platform where people get to connect and be inspired by each other through their unique stories.


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